A Guide to Online Dating

No Bathroom “Selfies”

Yes, you must have a good profile picture if you want anyone to give you the time of day. However, that picture should not include your toilet, shower or bathroom sink. Women do not want to think about what you do in your bathroom, so find a better place to pose for a pic. If you must take the picture yourself, at least choose another room of the house.

Write a Decent Profile

One or two nondescript sentences are not going to garner much interest. If you want women to take you seriously, reveal some things about yourself in your profile. While you are at it, skip the slang and “yo baby” talk as well. If you write like a 15-year-old, no grown woman is going to give you a second look. Take some time to explain what you are looking for in a woman and why you would be a good catch. Include a few hobbies and interests to round your profile out and make you seem like an actual human being with a semi-interesting life.

esponding to. Messages like “Hey girl” or “What up cutie?” are not going to get you very far. Say something about why their profile caught your eye, and include a sentence or two about yourself as well. This at least gives her something to go on. Do not be one of those guys who send a two-word email to every woman on the site. Those messages almost always get ignored.

Keep it Positive

Write about what you do want in a woman on your profile, and keep your tone positive. There is no need to include a list of qualities you do not like or to complain about your ex-girlfriends. This just sends the message that you still have baggage from your past relationships, which generally repels women like missing front teeth and jailhouse tattoos. Stick to what you look for in a woman and what you have to offer and leave the negative stuff for your therapist.

Include Current Photos

You may have been a real stud 15 years ago, but prospective dates want to know what you look like now. If you are not happy about your current appearance, get off the couch and do something to change it. In the meantime, post the best photo you have of yourself that was taken within the last two years. Posting a pick from your glory days will almost certainly lead to a huge disappointment when you meet face to face, so resist the urge to go back in time.

Man Up and Ask for Her Number

If the online interaction goes well for a few days, get her number and give her a call. Things can only go so far with email and instant messaging, and if you wait too long to escalate things she will almost certainly lose interest. Make sure you ask for her number instead of giving her yours. You are the man, so you make the first call. Just because you are on the Internet does not mean that the rules are different.

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